Woodford Folk Festival Summer Festival Guide

How to Host The Ultimate Summer Festival

Thousands of people, out in the hot, hot sun, sinking brewskies and listening to some great tunes, it must be a summer festival. And here at IWannaTicket, we just love them! But there are certain things you must think about before going ahead. These are our top tips for how on running a new festival.


Fill a need

Whether you’re a newcomer to the scene or a season fixture, offering a point of difference is a sure fire way to get noticed. Take new festival Hot Dub Wine Machine, a new festival at Serafino Winery in McClaren Vale. as an example. Instead of featuring a range of overseas artists, Hot Dub Wine Machine celebrates local tunes and local drops, with acts like Hot Dub Time Machine and Client Liaison. Tickets sold really fast, because fans were excited at a festival incorporating good wine and local beats.


Find your biggest fans

Did you know ‘avid’ festival goers are more engaged, attend more festivals and spend more money at each festival than other attendees? They also make up close to 15% of Australian festival goers and typically 1 in 5 of them plan to increase their festival attendance in the next 12 months so getting these valuable people onto your mailing lists is essential.


Make it sustainable 

A summer festival puts a huge toll onto the space it’s held, and we have a duty to Mother Nature. Many ticket-sellers are already putting the Carbon Footprint additional fee or donation on their tickets to offset their environmental impact. Usually just a $2 donation or so, most people will click to help the environment. You can also attempt to reduce littering, with recycling competitions with incentives like tickets to next year’s festival, and so on. Plus Caloundra Music Festival just implemented a new “No Water Bottles policy,” where you have to bring your own reusable water bottle or buy one at the festival. And WOMAdelaide is making their festival a waste-free festival, with most items compostable and biodegradable. These are just two of the new initiatives that these two festivals, and many others are undertaking to keep it green.

Use social media before, during and after your event 

Social media is of course, the marketing tool of the century, and used well, it can wildly improve any event. Create suspense and excitement, posting quality content on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter before the event. During – keep connected to attendees, do announcements, let them know what’s coming next. And after, engage with the consumers, what they like or dislike. It’s a great way to collect data from the event.

Use volunteers 

Many festivals either discount volunteers entry or allow them to come in for free, as long as they work sometime in the day. Volunteers mean you save money, plus giving perhaps poorer fans a chance to see their favourite bands in exchange for their labour.


Supply plenty of water & sunscreen!

Alcohol, sun, millions of people – not a good mix. To avoid having sunburnt, dehydrated attendees running around, make sure to have multiple water stations. Make sure the water supply is consistent, constantly being refilled and COLD! The fans will love you. Plus, holding sunscreen booths with lots of SPF to squirt on, is a great way to protect pasty patrons.

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